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Looking for cofounders: TourSnapp (Bremen)

Company Background:
- Headquartered in Germany, international scope
- Founder Institute graduate, Berlin, Protected content of 24 which started)
- Awarded with 100.000$ worth of services in Google Cloud, and others
- SpeedUP! Europe acceleration program
- Featured in international renown report, press and events
-3 cities already agreed, several on queue, even whole and countries are interested!

Recruiting for sweat-equity.
We will help cultural tourists solve their main concerns and change the way companies are addressing this market; we have a solid business model, we are not one of the millions of dead apps in the app store.

Ideally I am looking for a full-time person; we will follow a dynamic-equity-split model, "Slicing Pie": the more you put in the more you get out so that allows as much flexibility as you want.

Preferribly located in Bremerhaven (extremely cheap city compared to everywhere in EU!) or Bremen but willing to rellocate as needed, motivated by accelerators or investors, but in these case there would be funding in cash to cover living expenses.

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