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Next Brisbane Internations Meeting

Hi Brisbane Internations Members!

Thanks for making our first official get together a success.

I am currently planing the next get together for early December and wanted your input, feedback, tips etc. Unfortunatly internations has no poll feature available yet therefore I will just run this thread for the next 2 weeks to discuss the options and possibilities for our next meetings.

For future internations meetings in Brisbane please let me know:
1. what day of the week would suit you best? (Monday- Sunday)
2. starting time?
3. how often? (once a month, bi-monthly, once a quarter)
4. what location? (Same location, rotating locations)

The more feedback you give here the more I can adjust our Brisbane meetings according to the majority of suggestions made.

I would suggest a bi-monthly meeting. (meetings every 4 weeks just seem too often)

For now I would suggest we stay at the Belgium beer bar as it turned out to be a great venue for our first meeting.

Happy Discussing

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