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Live music scene in Brno (area), is there one ?

We are retired but don't let that fool you. As British ex-Pats we are moving from Cyprus to .CZ next year on a more-or-less permanent basis, but have not chosen the area to live in, yet despite a couple of recent visits.
Prague or Brno...How on earth do you make a choice based on what you read on the web ?
I am a muso, play drums as a hobby, nothing fancy like studio work.....but would like to join / start a band with a view to gigging a couple of nights a week.....middle of the road stuff, Blues, Rock & Roll, Protected content hits, easy listening, dancing...the sort of music you might like to hear in a club / pub on a nite out.

So, can you people out there enlighten me ?
What are the music opportunities over there in .CZ ?
Is there a live music scene ?
Are there many bands, or frustrated muso's with nowhere to play?
Are there live bands or is it all DJ and Indie ?
or should I anticipate just plugging in the headphones and playing along to yet another CD lol ?
Any comments or thoughts welcomed.

Best Regards

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