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Expat Employment Opportunities in Brunei

Thought I'd share the following article from a blog by Gilles van der Meij, an expat in Seria/Kuala Belait, Brunei.

"There are many Expat jobs in Brunei. Many part time jobs or full time jobs are available in Brunei as long as you land your job at your home country. There are lot of spouses with a Dr, MsC or BsC degree who cannot get a job in Brunei. The reason is simple, they can not find a employer who can arrange a work permit for them.

As most countries, Brunei has a policy about the quotas or available work visa’s. There is unemployment in the country and since Protected content government is trying to give more impulses for training and educating the local job seekers. Companies should cooperate with the Local Employment and Workmen Development Agency (APTK) in helping to provide opportunities for local job seekers.

If you don’t secure a job as spouse before your arrival, it is better to bring a hobby for the coming three years. If you are still positive, then I gathered several links for you at the bottom of this page.


APTK acts as a coordinator for the government in helping to find jobs for the increasing and worrying number of jobless locals in the country which runs into thousands.

APTK is also a government arm that identifies and provides appropriate skill training and financial incentive to attract locals to work in the private sector though the SLP programme (a training and employment scheme) implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs since Protected content .

The government froze renewal applications of work quotas for foreign workers in several job categories – drivers, sales persons, cashiers, shop assistants, supervisors and butchers.

Other Options

Other possibilities for the continuation of some career is voluntary work at one of the clubs. At least, if you are a woman.

The second option of employment is to start your own businesses and employ yourself. The main problem is that you probably need a local partner and where can you find a trustful partner? The regulations

The third solution might be finding a job in Miri, Singapore or another country near by."


BSP Panaga,Seria: 50% joint venture. MSR is in KB Jobs
BLNG Lumut: 25% joint venture + Seria’s refinery
BSM Bandar: 50% joint venture
BGC Brunei Gas Carriers Jobs
School Panaga Jobs


Total Bandar
Petrojaya KB: Jalan Mckerron
Methanol Daerah Belait:SPARK
Baker Hughes KB
Schlummberger G13 in Seria
Maersk Drilling KB:Simpang 73
Aker Solutions KB
Adinin(AWE) G26, Seria
Petrocon KB: Jalan Jaya Negara


Oil and Gas job search

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