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After the Eclipse (Brussels)

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16. Pink Floyd on my path in Den Helder, NL

Interesting to see, within the concept of creating your own reality, how this all works out. After the solar eclipse of yesterday, today there is this Pink Floyd concert by inFloyd in the nearby hotel of Den Helder.

When you look at the poster, it is even of greater magnificence and tied into the solar eclipse of yesterday. And yes, some might say 'coincidence', however being on the road like this for years now, I have seen the emergence of such 'coincidences' way too much to dismiss it like some sort of accident.

I am living my personal quantum leap (which is another word for awareness expansion) as I go, I create by radiation my interest and my inclination. As an indigo, I am not surprised to see this band Pink Floyd reappear in my world, as they too, the original ones, are indigos and I am just walking a slightly different timeline, hence I get inFloyd. Which suits me fine, it is about the energy and the emergence of others like me.

The hotel has some history with me too, and I like going back there to be immersed in the connection of the vibration of 'that time'. It is good to be here, I love the word 'Helder' which means 'Clarity', and clarity is about understanding deeply and clearly, or some sort of purity. All good attributes. I love the power of creation that brings together all cooperative components and perhaps, who knows, I might meet other indigos tonight. And if not, it surely will be a great evening.

There another thrilling experience in my life as creative writer of whatever I am about. Sharing for the joy of radiating my great sense of exploration and discovery, beyond the normal explorer's mind of course, that is what an explorer is : he goes where noone has gone before. And in word of Pink Floyd : 'we don't need no education, we don't need no thought control', so here we go and find life beyond thought, right ? More info on 'quantum presence' on my website : Protected content . Cheers !! jl

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