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Kelly Powell

Living in Brussels, from USA

"I loved moving to Brussels. But after a while I felt homesick. On InterNations I met a bunch of people from the US. That helped a lot."

Maria Lombardi

Living in Brussels, from Italy

"You can really get lost in the "capital of Europe" - InterNations helped me to get settled and to make a lot of expat friends."

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The Expat Community in Brussels Welcomes You!

A very warm welcome to our expatriate network in Brussels! Our platform helps numerous expats from a huge variety of backgrounds and occupations around the globe connect with each other for almost any purpose. Plenty of people have already taken heed of the advice found on our platform, so use the benefit of our collective knowledge if you're thinking about moving to Brussels, or if you've just arrived and need a bit more information on the city or to network with other expats. You'll find plenty of answers to any queries you may have thanks to our friendly members, who are always happy to help. Whether your question is a practical, potentially complex one, such as "how do I apply for an EU work permit to work in Brussels?", about tax issues, or "what is the best-connected area of Brussels for international travel?", or even about the nightlife, you can find an answer here in our community. With this resource, you'll be sure of a good welcome as we help you get over the hurdles of moving to a new country and starting work.

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Join our high-quality network of Brussels expats to connect with expatriates living abroad in Brussels like you.

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Brussels Expat Guide

Expat Forum Brussels

Get trustworthy and authentic advice from fellow members about all aspects of expat life in Brussels.

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Attend our monthly events and activities for Brussels expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.

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Get to Know Brussels and What It Offers for Expats

As one of the main centers of the European Union, Brussels has become a major city for politics and finance, and it's a truly international metropolis. The European Parliament has brought together a huge variety of workers from many diverse fields from all over Europe, and you can hear dozens of languages being spoken in a walk down any street. But it's not all business — the nightlife in Brussels is undergoing a revolution, casting off its stuffy image, while there is a huge variety of cultural and artistic venues as well as world-class food and drink (it's not all beer and chocolate, although that's not a bad place to start). The city is also well-connected not only through airports but also the Eurostar, which can take you directly to London should you need to for work or pleasure. Brussels' place at the heart of Europe is physical as well as metaphorical, with easy access to a variety of other cities if you want to take a short break, from Paris to Berlin and beyond. All this means it's no surprise that plenty of expats find a new lease of life in Brussels and decide to stay. By using our community to help you get over the minor issues that come with any move to a new country, you can soon focus fully on enjoying your new life in Brussels and exploring all the city has to offer.

Take Advantage of Our Expat Community in Brussels

InterNations ensures a pleasant and rewarding experience when interacting with our community, as membership is by approval only. You won't need to worry about discourteous users or incorrect advice, as our network has the benefit of a strong community ethic and members who are always willing to help out newcomers, so you can be sure of a safe environment when you interact with other members. Whether it's finding out about the complexities of the tax system or wanting to know where to get the best cocktails, our members will be able to help you out with all your needs. It's not just online that you can interact with the community, either — as well as hosting large events, there are also specific groups for various interests, organized by our members. You can take advantage of the huge variety of local Belgian breweries with our beer club, go for something a little more cultural with our gallery and museum outings, or meet up with compatriots with our Russian, Greek, and African groups, to name but a few examples. If there's nothing you fancy, you could even start your own group with the help of a few like-minded members. Be sure to attend the InterNations Official Events too — they can be excellent for networking opportunities with other expats, whether it's business or personal.

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