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Agency/Consultant for buying property (Brussels)


Dear all,

I’m considering buying an apartment in Brussels as an investment and possibly also to live in in the future.
However I don’t know anything about the housing market here, where to buy, for how much etc.
This is not urgent yet, but I’m starting to look for an agency or agent that can
1) Advise me if this is a good idea at all at the moment
2) Advise me on what I can afford with my budget
3) Help me find the property I am looking for (location, accessability etc)
4) Act as an agent to rent the apartment so I don’t need to deal with the tenants directly

Does something like this exist or am I asking too much? Do you have any recommendations who I could turn to?

Of course friends have recommendations but they always end up promoting the area they live in themselves. ;-) And I often feel intimidated or ripped off by anything service related in this country so it would be great if someone else could share some positive experiences with a company or agent that is trustworthy.

Many thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards

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