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Alone for Xmas time_ (Brussels)


I want to arrange some type of pleasurable, fun and exiting Xmas time for those expats who are not able to be with their families or friends (due to different reasons) during Xmas time.

1) Idea for Xmas dinner : Wonderful informal and pleasurable dinner in a restaurant, where there could be arrangement for some presents and some fun in a cozy atmosphere :) Or we order catering and have a great evening in someone's living room...

2) 1st or 2nd day of Xmas: A cozy get together where we can have a fun workshop to address the different questions each attendee would like to find an answer to! A place were we will learn about each other and find new opportunities for friendship and new possibilities.

Lets create a wonderful Xmas for all those who are not able to spend these quality times with their family!

Send me your FEED BACK and Your BRIGHT IDEAS and lets create something new ! Something different! Something pleasurable! Something unique!

Let me know!

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