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Belgium Rentals - please help on some topics (Brussels)

Hello everyone,
I have recently moved to Belgium and looking forward for finding a rental house near Brussels. I have read the answers in this topic here and very much appreciate the information, still I would like to know more if it is possible:
- What kind of heater is best:"mazout", gas or electricity (in terms of costs per month)
- How much of a deposit is asked: 2 or 3 months in advance (I have different sides of this answer, so I don't know which to believe). Also, i have heard that it is very hard to really get it back at the end of the lease - the landlord usually fight with you about all small stuff he can find in the place and thus charge you for even not washinbg the doors with the same solution he is using. Is that true?
- I've understood that often the prices are a little high and that you can negotiate. I have a relocation company doing the searches for me - is it ok to ask them to negotiate or should I start negotiating myself?
- I've heard some horror stories about different lanlords that would just show up at the door while you are the tenant. Is there a possibility of controlling that when closing an agreement?
- the survey they will be doing for the house is paid by them, so I would imagine it should favor them. Is there any way I can also make a survey of the house?
- I am looking for a house, kitchen furnished, 3 bedrooms with garden and garage in Braine L'Alleud, Braine Le chateau, Tubize, Nivelles or La Hulpe - I've understood that the prices here for what i want can reach Protected content per months. The rental company told me Protected content you happen to know which one is correct?
How much are the costs of the house per month - gas, electricity, TV, internet (just an approximate, I know it depends). Are there also other charges taken per month that I should know about?

Thank you so much for your time,
Best regards to all

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