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Dating area in Brussels


Hi to everybody.

I am a woman, broadminded. Open to take my personal experiences to the next level and maybe to commit to somebody. Well, at some point (You know, step-by-step, first a 'special' one has to be found). As I moved to Brussels I was thinking it should not be too difficult to enter the dating arena here and at some point also meet a 'normal' guy. No hurry here. I am quite indifferent to being a subject of 'male-hitting' (from the first days onwards), but truth to be told at some point I met some of these guys whom I considered nice, amusing, serious, it seemed that they knew what they wanted etc. So, I gave them a try. It turned out, these couple of romances ended up short. Really short. So short, they cannot really be described as something worth remembering on a deeper level. Maybe to be remember more in terms that in my thirties/fourthies I learned there exist mentally challenged people out there. So ridiculous, one cannot do anything else but laugh these romantic attempts off as kind of anecdotes. Nothing more. Unfortunately.

But I must admit that I got somewhat confused. I started to wonder, how on earth the dating arena works here. What I see on the streets, bars... Well, better not making my own interpretations. So I wanted to check online. And I found nothing. No blogs. No forums. Google only provides links to 'matching-singles-websites' (even if I was interested in this way of meeting men, this is not a way that can help to understand the dating spirit in Brussels). So, what about some discussions/advices/experiences with men/woman – locals/expats/immigrants – different cultural backgrounds – different social statuses – or whatever other differences might be relevant?

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