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"Everyone-Left-Town" Solidarity Dinner Tomorrow (Brussels)

As it seems, everyone (or at least the ones I know) has already left for vacation. If you are still at work and getting SMSs from your friends of the kind: "Gosh, it's so hot here" or "Don't know whether to go to the beach or get a massage today", feel bad no more. As an act of solidarity, I am cooking a seafood dinner tomorrow (Thursday) for those left behind (myself included). Food enhancement and ultimately digestion shall be assisted by all kinds of alcohols of progressively ascending strengths as the evening develops :-)

But there is a good side and a bad side. The good side is that my flat is in Place St Gery, i.e., we can always hit the bars after dinner. The bad side is that my flat is only 37 sq.m. (practically a large kitchen!), which means that we'll have to be only Protected content (depending on your level of tolerance). So, unfortunately, it will have to be first come first serve :-)))

So, send me a message if you like the idea.

We'll have a good time.

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