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Fred Academy Dance School (Brussels)


So i think after weeks of searching for a dance school in English, i've finally found one! It's called Fred Academy, it's on Omwentelingsstraat 18, Protected content it caters for a variety of nationallities so English is accomodated :)

I am thinking of joining the Contemporary class at beginners level, as even though i have had experience in dance, i don't really know properly what level i'm at, so just to be on the safe side!

They have sort of an open day type thing this coming Sunday where you can try out your class for 5euros.

I am extremely nervous and to be honest, would rather not go on my own, so if any dancers, girls/guys want to come with me, maybe meet up before hand that would be fun!

It would also be a great opportunity to make friends as because i have just moved over - i don't have many of these :( lol.

So drop me a message - come with me!

Josie. x

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