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How are these two neightborhoods? (Brussels)


My husband and I are currently in Brussels looking for housing options for our move early next year. We have a relocation agent working with us, and he's brought us to quite a few places already. Right now, we've narrowed down our choices to the two below:

- Place Stephanie & Ave Louise, the building is the one beside the restaurant Mind Pain. I love the location, at least in the daytime. Just not sure how it is at night time (we did have dinner around there one night and seemed fine) and whether or not noise can be a problem.

-Ave Emile De Beco & Blvd General Jacques, the apartment is brand new and really nice. The agent said it's a nice neighborhood, close to the university and all.. but I noticed that the closest tram stop is at least Protected content walk away, and we actually went there in the evening (to see how it is like) and seemed a bit deserted once you turn on the smaller streets (like Ave. Emile De Beco) it seems very residential, but the walk at night concerns me a bit.

If you have any comments please let me know! Thanks very much.

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