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Importing motorcycle into Belgium (Brussels)


Would anyone happen to know the procedures and costs for importing a motorbike into Belgium from within the EU?

I am looking to relocate soon and wanted to gauge my options for bringing my existing bike from the UK over or selling it before I make the move.

I have seen various topics where if it is more than 6 months old and/or greater than Protected content on the clock that I don't have to pay VAT. However, are there any additional charges? MOTs? etc.

The last time I did this in Germany, I ended up paying close to the value of the bike not wanting to repeat the same mistake. It still has EU headlamps on at the moment which will be helpful. The UK MOT luckily allows strategic use of duct tape which German authorities didn't.

On a related note, are 2nd hand bikes cheaper in Belgium compared to UK? I have heard conflicting views. There are certainly less (smaller population) and the prices seem high-ish to me but I do not know the general conditions if people tend to care more for their vehicles overall.



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