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Learn how to dance - Gentse Feesten (Brussels)


There is a lot more to do in Ghent during ‘Gentse Feesten’
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But since I know a lot of people here like dancing and might want to learn some new moves, I’ve concentrated on that.

Since Salsanations takes a break during summer you can get your Salsa initiation here:
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If you want to learn what Lindy Hop is about:
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And more specifically:
Saturday, the 14th of July at 16h00
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Sunday, the 22nd of July at 16h00
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And while you are there, why don’t you give folk a try, at 19h30 in Baudelo, each day of the 10-day festival?
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Have fun,

P.S.: Don’t forget to warn the teachers if you don’t speak Dutch ;-)
P.S. 2: Use public transport to get into the city center.

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