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New Year's Eve suggestions (Brussels)

Hi everyone
I will spend my first New Year's Eve in Bruxelles this year...I don't know if it's a benefit or not...LOL because I heard many different rumors about it: someone highly recommended me to avoid city centre on New Year's Eve, some other told me there's a beautiful firework show and it's worth to be there.
So I'm asking you, "long term expats" where is really worth going on New Year's Eve?
I'm not interested in dining out and I'm not really excited about fireworks i(f that's the only attraction!!); I would love to find a place (even a small square, outside Bruxelles is fine too), where they play some music or some interesting parties in a cozy club...we are a group of 4 ppl, have no car, so considering moving by bus or train.
Any suggestion would be really appreciated!
Merci beaucoup!!

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