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searching for short term rent 2 bedroom appartment (Brussels)



A colleague from US is comming for work exchange in Brussels (end of June till beginning of August this year) and he is searching for 2 bedroom apartment to rent for him and his family (2 adults and 2 children):
Here are some of his preferences:
"100 m2 would be a good size it could be a little bigger or smaller.
It needs to have a kitchen, a living area, and a dining area.
We need internet access and phone and tv.
Laundry facilities or service would be necessary.
Balcony would be a nice to have, but not required."

The area should be somewhere close to av. de Beaulieu, or close to a metro station to get there (like Merode, Shuman/ Ambriox, Montgomery)

If you know about good Apart Hotels in these areas any suggestions are also welcome.


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