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The Economist always too late? Here's what to do! (Brussels)


Unfortunately, one of the best weekly news magazines in the world, if not the best, has the worst delivery service. Wherever I lived, it seems they don't care at all about when you get your copy. Published in London on Thursday evening, they often managed to get it on my doormat only on Tuesday or Wednesday. Syracuse, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Milan, Mumbai... it doesn't matter because their service simply sucks. Yes, also in Brussels I've received it a few times on Monday or Tuesday. Bottom line: this is unacceptable.

So, what's the solution to this? You certainly don't want to read it after the weekend like me. Or do you? My experience is that when you call them they tell you that the distributor will be contacted, they're sorry etc. Of course, this doesn't help either. Therefore, whenever I'm in a new town -- and I must admit I forgot when I came to Brussels -- I ask for "hand delivery". This is a special delivery service, which probably costs them (much) more money, but which will get you your favorite newspaper at the latest on Saturday afternoon. It didn't work in Mumbai unfortunately, but it did in all the other cities. And guess what? In Brussels, mine is coming in early Friday morning now :-)

Oh, and in case you are moving from one country to another, just call them and they can change your address.

Let me know if you have any problems.



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