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This is how it begun! (Brussels)


My experience with the subject of Life and Relationship Improvement started when I was 16 years old. Finding and reading books one after the other, going to yoga classes, art and painting, reading horoscopes - reading stars and symbols, reading palms, and reading future in candles and coffee cups! I even went into intensive reading about the acupuncture, about vitamins and food - how they affected the mood and relationships..So if you name it, I probably have read about it or tried it. I even went into praying every day, reading and trying to understand if that route will give me what I was looking for.

What was it that I was looking for: Improvement in my awareness, abilities and communication skills with others!

Then I went into reading psychology books, and did many different 'practices' trying to understand myself and others with the libido theory. This did not work. But then the subject had a 'reputation' and was taught in the universities. So I thought, ok, seems this is the route to follow. Then the SHOCK OF MY LIFE hit me in the face, so I fell flat down with a bang!

One of my closest and dearest family members who was receiving psychoanalysis for Protected content , had arrived 'further on the psych route' to a psychologist who was giving her medication (psych drugs including antidepressants and anti stress pills), and then she ended up at the end of the 'psych route' to psychiatrist '(un)famous (death) hands! (see Protected content for further info)

I had no clue how far down the chute this was going. After all, listening to all the brags about their knowledge of the mind, and their 'solutions' for human problems, had left me and my family member and others with the complete 'trust' that they)psychs) know what they are doing and they can get results.

So in my teenage time, I ended up going to a psych hospital to visit MY MOTHER! She had received electroshock and was like a vegetable on the bed. Salvia running out of a mouth which was not under her control, with bruise on her body, her wrists and ankles, and a face which I could not recognized. My mother was an alive, eager and full of love woman which loved her children very dearly. And now this woman was not my mother but a vegetable I could pitty ! I hated her and the psych hospital and any one in charge who did this to my mother. I hated anyone who allowed this to happen!

This was a crime against my mother, me, my sisters and brothers, my father, and against human rights, against human dignity and human compassion.

Who in the world think or believe that you can help someone by attaching Protected content to their head and burning the cells in the brain ! How stupid and ignorant can someone be to think in that way!

For months she was in bed in same condition ... like a vegetable, under very heavy drugs and sedatives. The pain in her body, in head, in her jaws, in her back, in her spine, in her wrists and her ankles was killing her. So she had to take the pain killers and sedatives. She became further drugged and dependent on these psych drugs - ALL OF THIS BETRAYAL IN THE NAME OF HELP! A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING!

Those days, up to now, after more than 30 years, are still the most shocking experiences I had in my life. And I have not lived a 'normal - quiet - protected - in the box' type of life.

After this incident, I hated anything and everything to do with psychology, psychiatry, mind and mental therapy.

After couple of years I left my country and went into studying Advance Computer Sciences. Something which has no 'opinions', 'nothing to do with the mind' and is purely logical - black or white approach.

At the college of Advance Computer Sciences, I enjoyed the logical approach. It was very therapeutic to be able to approach problems from a complete analytical aspect - workouts which end up in results. I am very grateful for this learning. It changed my viewpoint about life and problems.

However, the subject was too far away from my main core and innate interest – human problems, human relations, how to improve conditions and how to improve communication skills, how to be more happy, more self-confidence, more present and more active in the society.

And the good news is:-) When you start to look - you will end up finding it!

In winter of Protected content the age of Protected content sitting in my apartment, reading and preparing for my examinations, (being bored to death, looking for something), I went through the mail which had just arrived in my postbox. Here - between all the big advertisements and letters, I saw a small flyer which caught my eyes! There was something very real, very genuine and very attractive about it. Something I wanted to know about. So I decided to follow it up - and I finally found what I was looking for.

This subject turned out to be very effective, very direct, extremely anti-drug, extremely anti-narcotics and it was covering many different subjects which I was interested to know about.

However, the past had left its 'burning mark' - the experience with my mother, so I kept my 'radars' open and on search to see any 'indications' which will show me that this is another 'wolf in the guise of a sheep'.

This was fortunately not the case. Using the information, getting trained, getting counselling and getting expert help resulted in me being more happy, more confident, more reliable, more in communication with my environment, more attentive, more present and more able to contribute to the others so they also achieve similar gains.

And this is what I am doing now, getting myself and my work and my workshops known in Belgium, so others who speak English can also avail themselves of the same opportunities.

I am 51, but feel like 35. I am married and adore my husband. I am full of energy, full of mental capacity, full of happiness. I have no problem to exert effort and energy to reach my goals and purposes. I am active in different fields, but also in the field of improvement :-) I deliver workshops and seminars, some free and some paid. I deliver coaching and counseling and I charge professional fees.

My biggest challenge in life is to arrive to an even higher states of awareness and action, where we as a group of individuals can be proud of our results and effects in the society. That we can say … we effectively helped !

Do you want to be part of this group with me?

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