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"We're-all-tanned-and-pretty" dinner party (Brussels)

This Saturday Night .....

Following the positive feedback on the pre-vacation "Everyone-left-town solidarity dinner", the time has come for the promised "We're-all-tanned-and-pretty" dinner party. I managed through long beach vacation to only get tanned but not pretty. Yet, as organizer, I can make exceptions for myself to attend without fulfilling both criteria!

I'll cook a funky pasta soup (trying it for the first time) and for the rest, all will be as in the previous dinner. As follows:
Food enhancement and eventual digestion shall be assisted by all kinds of alcohols of progressively ascending strengths as the evening develops :-)

There's the good side and the bad side. The good side is that my flat is in Place St Gery, i.e., we can always hit the bars after dinner. The bad side is that the flat is only 37 sq.m. (practically a large kitchen!), which means that we'll have to be only Protected content for dinner (depending on your level of tolerance). So, unfortunately, it will have to be first come first serve :-))).

So, send me a message if you like the idea.

We'll have a good time ……

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