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What are the causes for Anxiety Stomach? (Brussels)


For many years, from childhood to about 10 years ago, I had very often a feeling of anxiety in my stomach. At this time I was not able to differentiate how come sometimes I had the feeling and some times I did not have this strange feeling. I actually thought this was very normal and is part of life.

Do you know, what kind of feeling I am referring to? The type of feeling that you have when you definitely do NOT want to BE WHERE YOU ARE!

This could be in an office, with your wife or husband, in the traffic, or in the tram or metro! It could be when you are lying in bed alone, or in bed with your partner. It could be when you see your boss passing by or when you pass your juniors desk.....

When this phenomena happens in each of us, we normally tend to start mentally disappearing from the area - of course it would be very impolite to take your body with you, so you will continue keeping your body in position there - running it with a type of a machine to talk for you and to listen and respond...

I was super lucky to find out what is the real reason behind this strange uncomfortable feeling. And I did the actions which helped me get rid of these! It takes a good confront!

So the good news is: 1) this is a feeling which is very very common in between people. The source of it is something we all have experienced and we can all find with professional expert help. 2) It has to do with you and your past actions as well as what was done to you. 3) It can be handled and you can get rid of it so you are calm and not worried or anxious :-)

Do you want to know what is the real source of your anxiety stomach feelings?

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