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Let's organize together our InterNations "embassy" (Bucharest)

Dear colleague,

Kindly allow me to invite you to:

1. add more interesting and useful (from a broad perspective, for instance to help orientate others who are newly arrived in Bucharest) locations in the appropriate corner of this page, on the right column

2. fill in further detail your InterNations profile, so we will be able to know better each other and find common ground for conversation on-line and at the upcoming get-together meetings

3. put things (such as locations of yourself, businesses, cool places in town, etc.) on the Google map available too on this page

4. start posting new topics that you consider informative, appropriate, and / or useful -- be them regarding to Bucharest as a city, to Romania, to your life in here, commenting news articles, debating ideas and controversial things, mentality of Romanians compared to other nations, prospects for the Romanian economy in this time of global crisis, an many more.

Best regards,

Geo Scripcariu

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