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Unacceptable apartment construction woes - Help! (Budapest)

Hi, I'm looking for advice and help regarding a situation that I am at wits end with. 13th District. Kartacs Utca Protected content construction project going on for 3+ years. My wife and I rent in the building next to the construction and are litterally suffering from the below issues for over 3 years:
At least 6 Portable toilets in the street below our apartment are not maintained and smell of (I can't say)
We Can't go out onto the balcony since the project never erected proper dust and debris protection. All plant life has died and uninhabitable out there.
I can no longer sweep the debris away. 3mm of gravel type dust accumulates in 12 hours. Sweep in the morning and it is back to 3mm by Protected content .
We cannot open any windows nor can we live in the clima since the piss smell comes into the bedroom regardless of sealing off ourselves inside.
The Magnolia project (site quoted above) is a farce in my opinion. I've witnessed the methods from the start. Cheap labour that starts at 4am to sometimes way into the night and has become worse since they have buyers scheduled for move in this December.
The workers are (Sorry) of no decorum. They shout all day long and also work on Saturdays. There have been time that 'black' work is done overnight with the same daytime noise by off contract workers. It is obvious. Their security and admin container seems to host unscrupulous people after hours with some unruly homeless people using their toilets. The noise.
My wife works nights and cannot sleep during the day properly for a couple years now. Yes, the noise is that bad. Our 3 year has some strange running nose and coughing more and more now. My wife is irritable way beyond my logic and a non native HU citizen, the other people in the building seem to sit on the situation choosing to not do anything but rather turn a blind eye. We are surrounded by hospitals and yet the crapper in the street with the strong smell wafting through the area does not invoke any action.
Please advise as I don't want to break a law but I need to remedy this.
Does anyone have advice? Legal, media attention, whatever it takes.

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