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**INTENSIVE SPANISH** Fast and Easy- Start now (Buenos Aires)

Qualified Spanish Teacher with more than 20 years experience.
Argentinean-American Dual Citizenship Teacher-Fully bilingual.
All levels of Spanish- Easy to understand lessons- One- on- one. In-home / In-office / or via Skype
You will be learning sentences in context, not just words. Sentences that you won´t find in any Spanish book. Everyday expressions- Designed to get you started right away. These sentences are the same sentences that natives use in everyday conversation, useful and powerful to convey any message. You will get clear explanation of why sometimes you have a hard time understanding when they speak to you, or why sometimes they don´t understand you, in spite of all the efforts on your side.
You will be learning with simple-to-understand explanations. Some of these explanations, are given to you in plain English, so you will understand them better. With time, once your level of Spanish gets better, we won´t be using English at all.
You will develop the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), with special emphasis on listening and speaking.

On top of the regular classes, you will be getting many recorded videos with lessons, which will help you tremendously in your learning process. In those videos you will learn vocabulary, expressions, verbs, conjugations, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, all that in your own time, without the need to spend the time in class to acquire vocabulary.

You will soften your accent. Learn the right way to say things, the right pronunciation. If you are not using the right combination of words, they may not understand you. Only a native, bilingual and trained teacher can teach you how to speak in a simple, yet powerful enough way to convey your message the right way.
Give it a try.
No risk. Nothing to pay in advance. You pay after each class.

Anywhere in the city of Buenos Aires. I go where you are(In-home). Also In-Company classes
Classes via Whatsapp or Skype with shared screen, also available.
Private or group classes. Guaranteed to learn. All levels. All ages.
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