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2 new apartments in New Cairo, between AUC and GUC

I hope this finds you all well. I am an architect and I happen to have designed and built a 4 unit house, 6 kms away from GUC as well as 6 kms away from AUC's new campus. One of the four units is available for rent.

Please forward this to anyone you think maybe interested.

Apartments 3 & Protected content Arafa
Both have typical plans
Area : Protected content
# Rooms: 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and a spacious open area comprising the Reception and dinning areas + street view terrace
Located on the second and first floors.

All exterior walls or those separating different units are thick cavity walls Protected content finished in natural stone on the outside) guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation.

Windows are all made of double-glazed clear glass panes (6mm glass, 9mm cavity, 6mm glass) mostly framed by sliding but somtimes axial wooden frames (opens outwards leaving the room space clean), also shielding heat and sound but allowing glare-less light and view.

The apartment's longest facade (where most windows are) is northern, where indirect glare-free lighting is available in abundance, in addition to it being the same direction of the preferred cool breeze in Egypt known as "Bahari". This quality acquired by virtue of location, the thick cavity walls, and double glazed panes helps make the apartment very well ventilated, sunlit, and enjoying comfortable temperature and environmental conditions throughout the year. However, we've tried to leave nothing for chance, hence we've equipped the apartment with all the wiring and pipe-work needed to support a mini-central air-conditioning system in all of its spaces, everything in the system is installed (electrical wiring, drainage system, compressors' locations and fittings, false ceilings to conceal the units) everything is there except for the AC-units themselves, easily purchased and installed in one day if and when required.

The apartment enjoys electrical, Internet, TV receiver/antenna and phone outlets in every corner including the kitchen, all concealed in its walls.

In case of an electrical power cut in the whole neighborhood, our electrical generator automatically works, supplying the unit with electricity for sufficient lighting inside the apartment, in the staircase, the main gate and fence and in addition to supplying power for the fridge Protected content power outlets.
The apartment 's needs of water, in the occasion of water cuts, are secured by the presence of a huge sanitized stainless-steel water tank located in the highest point of the building, capable of supplying all residents' normal needs for at least 3 days (without any cutting back on the consumption).

Parking space is available below the building and steel bar planes for locking bikes as well.

Here are some links to pictures of the building.

Protected content

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Please forward to whom it may concern.
You can reach me at Protected content e-mail me at Protected content


Waleed Arafa

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