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BECAREFUL when applying to teach English! (Cairo)

I would like to share my unfortunate experience with all those looking for "teaching English" jobs. I was employed as a lecturer by the so-called very professional "International British Institute" in Maadi which offered IELTS, General English and Conversation Only courses. I loved my job and was promised a brilliant salary by the General Manager, Mr Mohamed. As I was brand new in Cairo and very happy to be working, I didn't suspect anything when he told me to start work and that my contract will come within a week. After a while however, I noticed that he kept making excuses as to why I haven't signed one yet and alot of things were suspicious: students who completed the course were asked to pay another Protected content to receive their certificates, and they had to pay Protected content upfront before a course began.,I was told to use the same textbook for all 3 courses.My Egyptian husband would call Mr Mohamed several times a week inquiring about my contract because he was never at the office when we looked for him and after a month, I didn't get paid a cent. My husband advised me not to return to work and my students were told that I was gravely ill. However, it wasn't long before they discovered that he was a conman (after a student was given a fake certificate) and went straight to the police demanding their money back. Turns out he's a wanted fraud who stole huge amounts of money from alot of people. He seemed to have made a run for it with all the cash because he didn't appear at the institute again and naturally his phone is off. Till this day he is yet to be found! I know I was stupid for being too trustworthy. Fortunately my loyal students let me continue teaching them privately and did very well in IELTS. So please make sure the Institute is legit before accepting a job, ask for course materials first and do a background check on the company! There are a lot of these new course centers springing up everywhere.

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