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Paul Zimmerer

Living in Cairo, from Germany

"Before I moved to Cairo I contacted some local members on InterNations. They gave me some great assistance."

Barbara Sciera

Living in Cairo, from Australia

"Cairo is a bustling metropolis. Through InterNations I met some other expat women. Now we meet on a weekly basis."

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As-salamu alaykum, and welcome to the no.1 social network for expatriates in Cairo and around the world! InterNations is a network which allows expats from all over the globe to share advice, help each other, as well as network and socialize. Our Cairo Community has a large member base from a variety of backgrounds and fields of work, and is a vital resource for anybody wishing to find out more about living and working in the Egyptian capital. The vast experience of our members ensures that you'll be able to find help with any of the issues you may have. Whether your question is "is Cairo safe to walk around at night for a woman?" or "what are the best international schools in Cairo?", our members have been there and done it and will be able to offer you the best advice possible.

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Start Your New Expat Life in Cairo

Cairo is one of the oldest cities on Earth, and has been a hugely important and bustling metropolis for most of that time. The capital of various Egyptian and Arabic states, it has a stunning array of history and architecture that will amaze even the most well-traveled expat. In the markets and souks, you'll find a fascinating array of food and unique products not available in any old shopping mall, making Egypt an endlessly fascinating place that expats often fall in love with.

Although there can still be culture shock for westerners, most expats will find it much easier to adapt to than the likes of Dubai or Saudi Arabia. Unlike most Gulf States, expats often come to Cairo for reasons other than the purely financial, with NGOs and volunteer agencies providing a sizeable portion of the expatriate community. In addition, many work in the oil industry and the media, providing a very diverse community of expats for you to get involved with.

The Community for Like-Minded Expatriates in Cairo

Our members on InterNations are a diverse bunch, hailing from a variety of backgrounds and fields of work and interest. But they've also gone through a common approval process, so you can be sure that you'll have an enjoyable experience interacting with the group and that any advice you receive will be trustworthy. Once you've joined InterNations, begun to take part in group discussions, connected with fellow expats, and had any questions you may have been worrying about answered in our forums, there's also the opportunity to take your interaction offline. Our members organize a wide variety of activities to get involved with, from photography to dining as well as groups that allow you to visit some of the city's more spectacular sights. Our larger InterNations Official Events are also great for networking, and shouldn't be missed!

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