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Cairo Explorer

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Cairo Explorer
This time we'll do something very rare for most of Egyptian people also for most of the people who visit Egypt
we're going to wonder around and explore Cairo and what's beyond in our "Cairo Explorer tour"

we're going to explore together Gayer Anderson Museum also we're going to visit the most magnificent monument from the Mumluk era Sultan Hassan School and Mosque and Hospital
also the last wonder of Muhammad Ali's family Arrefair Mosque

so our plan is going to be:

Sultan Hassan Mosque and School and Hospital
Arrefai Mosque

Gayer Anderson Museum
Ahmed Ibn Tulon Moqsue

then eating a local Egyptian food in one of two restourats in the same area called Habayeb Elsayeda حبايب السيدة
and el gahsh الجحش

Tickets :
Gayer Anderson Museum:
Egyptian and Arab:
Students:1 L.E
Adults: 2 L.E
Students: 15 L.E
Adults: 30 L.E
Cameras are allowed !!
Video :25 L.E

Sultan Hassan,Arrefaie Mosques :
Students:20 L.E
Adults: 40 L.E
Cameras are allowed

For any further info contact Zein: Protected content

1st: fees for the event is 20 L.E per person for the guiding and explanation .
2nd: this event is not for dating or drinking alcohol
3rd: appropriate dress covering the body including shoulders and legs is required for entering Islamic monuments.
4th: explanation will be in English Arabic and Farsi "Farsi only if there's a group of native speakers!
5th:giving tips for putting your shoes in the safe in mosques is not obligatory it's only up to you o don't feel ashamed to refuse to give tips to somebody asks for that!
6th: Politics talk is not welcomed during the event by anyhow-security reason -!!!!

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