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Caution, caution, caution... (Cairo)

Hi! If you are new in Cairo and on this site, my main advice will be: BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS with the people offering you services, goods etc on the Internations website! This site seems to be a very good way for "not so nice people", to spot new comers, who are a little bit lost, need things (car, house...) in a hurry and rob them! That just happened to us. Following our post, Mr Ahmed GAHZI offered us a car to rent with driver, we signed a contract and paid a month in advance and guess what... after a week, there was no more driver, no more car, no money and Ahmed just said (not so nicely) that it wasn't his business!!!!! And obviously, we weren't his first victim... So don't be the next one and never trust anyone just because he/she is an internation member!

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