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Israeli spies in Cairo


In an interview with the head of internal intelligence in Egypt, he indicated that the department is following more than Protected content Israeli spies in Egypt. He indicated that some of these followed are known to be spies but the department is following them to study their habits and what information they are here after. He indicated also that most of these spies present themselves as students or researchers from Europe or the USA and interact with the culture for the sake of writing reports for the Israeli government. Most of these spies do not hold an actual job and if they do they do not do a good job at it. Most are students in AUC and other foreign universities. Most hold a second citizenship. Most do interact with community for the sake of finding more information from workers in specific fields or the population in general.

Some few signs to find a possible suspect:
1- Usually they are not performing well in their job or school work.
2- They ask a lot of questions and are always interested in finding specific details about specific issues like military, petroleum, government, command lines..etc. They do not show any interest in private businesses.
3- Usually they are very guarding of their place of living or their private belongings (laptop, phone..etc).
4- You will always feel that they are on the hunt for something and always make it a priority to go to specific community gatherings or specific locations in a way that does not match their interests.
5- They usually try to attract the opposite sex.
6- They push for interactions with Egyptians and not their fellow expats.

If you suspect anyone or if you know anyone with suspicious activities, please report them immediately. I have all the information of that intelligence unit.

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