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Learning Arabic! (Cairo)

Hi all

My husband and I will be immigrating to egypt in about 2 years time. He is Egyptian and I have picked up quite a bit of Arabic over the last 5 years, but it is a very difficult language to learn. My idea was to move to Egypt and take 6 months off and study arabic as I am sure this will help me when I start a job.

Although my husband is saying I don't "need" to be able to speak arabic in order to find a job because of the amount of international companies within Cairo. I don't want to become more fluent just for busines purpouses but I think it will help me aclimatise quicker.

Any advice from fellow expats? Do I take the 6 month break and study arabic (and use this time to aclimatise) or do I jump right in and start working straight away.......What did you do and how did you find it?


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