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Luxor possibility (Cairo)

Hi! I know I'm always saying "I'm thinking going here/there" and am always asking questions, but...this time, I'm toying with the idea of Luxor for six months (in the winter; as I just told someone, I'm not about to go move in July to start the six months LOL). I just got back from a trip there -- took me 55ish years to make the dream come true of finally seeing it, and I wasn't disappointed. Anyway -- I'm a dual Italian/US citizen, which has nothing to do with anything except visas, support myself with online work, and have lived in seven countries so far (and various cities in them). I was planning on leaving Rhodes, where I live now, this winter, for somewhere new, and maybe I'm still on the high, but the country excited me. Trust me, though--I'm well aware of the difference between visiting somewhere and living there!

Soooo...I guess my question is--is this feasible for a single older woman? I have no desire to live in Cairo -- I can barely stand the crowds in Rome and Athens, much less Cairo! -- and I thought Luxor seemed quite nice. Has its old, run-down parts, but much of it seemed modern, etc. Out of curiosity, I clicked the accommodation page, and it took me to one rentals page -- cheaper than any of the other countries (except Hungary) that I've lived in. I don't know how to go about finding places, if I make this decision to go.

It would be silly to say "does anyone live there" anyone living there who is maybe in my predicament (single, older, Protected content has done this to Luxor?

Anyway -- just wanted to get a bit of feedback from all of you living there! Thanks much!

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