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Power of Pyramid Meditiation with Madhu (Free) (Cairo)

It's a pleasure to have Madhu & Ramesh Gajjala in our community to learn us about power of Pyramid meditation for body and mind >>Inner peace and more from India Without any religious beliefs .

Breath Energy Health Meditation :
Is the form of concentration which leads to control the mind,and it can be practiced by anyone,anytime and at any place.It is a method by which we can gain control over our thought processes.This process is total calming of all the restless waves of the mind.When you do this practice you get nature energy and with which the first benefit you get is your health.Meditation is the best gift given by our own efforts to our own lives.
How to Meditate:
Take a comfortable posture. Cross your leags and clasp your hands with fingers into each other. close your eyes and observe your normal breath. If you get thoughts and the moment you are aware of them, acknowledge them and get back your awareness to the normal breath.
When and where to Meditate:
Anywhere and any time which is comfortable to you.
How long:
Everyone must meditate daily atleast once , atleast as many minutes as his/her age. so if one is 25 years atleast 25 mins atleast once per day.
Benefits of Meditation:
Many... Few to name. Self healing of all diseases. Deep relaxation, Discovering the inner peace and Joy, Improves the quality of relationships... etc.

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