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Surprise Birthday Cake for my Egyptian friend (Cairo)

I’ll explain my story briefly and to the point:
I live in Iran, He lives in Egypt. Due to political dilemmas of each of our countries we’re facing lots of troubles even for the easiest ways of communication, But this is not my point at this post.
I don’t know anyone inside Egypt but this dear friend of mine, whom I plan to surprise with a basket of flower & cake for his birthday. I’ve found few websites that offer online shopping with home deliveries inside Egypt. The thing is my friend doesn’t live in Cairo, he’s in another province of Egypt (Menoufia Province). I’ve already corresponded with those websites, but since they mostly reside in Cairo, or other big cities, they said it’s not possible for them to deliver the flower/cake to the city (beside it will ruin the freshness of the cake & flower too). So I came up with plan B.
here is my plan B:
The next thing I did, I found some confectioneries and flower shops (and their phone numbers) through Egyptian Yellow Pages which are located inside my friend’s town. Now all I need to do, is to find someone inside Egypt with the Arabic fluency to call the confectionery & flower shop and transfer them my order in voice. And on the matter of payment, I will pay beforehand (weeks before the actual call to take place, to the person who is helping me on this) and it’s only reasonable the payment will include the time trouble & call fees the person is going to through. ( I can pay via PayPal or master/visa cards….any options available we’ll discuss details in private)

A look into the sequence of how it supposed to happen:

1. I transfer the money to the Egyptian 3rd party who is helping me (the money transformation happens via PayPal or other options in hand~)
2. He/She calls the confectionery and flower-shop & makes the order. {And pays for the cake & flower to their account (in Egyptian currency)
3. My friend gets surprised for the birthday cake & flower!
4. Everyone becomes happy doing their share of participation in this nice act ! :P
Now I was wondering if any of you (first: could kindly be that person who makes the call and helps me with this matter) / (second: if not, do you think it is a good idea in the first place to search out someone over internet to do such thing?) and (third: do you have any alternatives in mind beside this plan B?)…
Thanks for reading my post to the end.
Loves & peace….

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