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Taxi Ordeal in Cairo

On the 16th of July,just a day to my wife's birthday,i was in Cairo to do some shopping for the big day.After a visit to the Kenyan Embassy in Mohandiseen,i took a cab at 2p.m. and headed to City stars Mall.Then began my 2 and a half hours of nightmare Protected content cost me Protected content . and i almost lost my wedding ring in the process.The taxi in question decided to use the ring road claiming that there was a major jam on the 26th of July corridor.I should have sensed all was not well when the taxi metre reading was 20 L.E. when we got to Zamalek which is very close to Mohandiseen.Apparently he had no idea where city stars was and he wanted to leave me on the ring road claiming he didn't have enough fuel.He kept disregarding the directions he received from other motorists on how to get to city stars.Luckily we gave a lift to a lady and her son who were headed in the same direction who assisted us to get close to our destination but had to drop off before getting to city stars.The man still refused to go to city stars and instead tried to force me off the taxi behind the Cairo International Conference Centre.In the ensuring scuffle,he snatched my wedding ring and i decided to sit at the back of the vehicle.I called a friend and put the phone on speaker so that he could hear instructions from my friend.When i saw a policeman i started shouting for help and that's when he gave my ring back and sped off.I never got to get the number of the vehicle but i have the number of someone he called using my cellphone.The lesson from this is never take a taxi whose driver is unsure of the destination and if your instincts tell you all is not well,stop and take another taxi.Am lucky i was not robbed,kidnapped or even killed!

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