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Volunteering in Egypt. (Cairo)


Volunteering in Egypt, helping Orphans, Poor people & Animals.


Allow me to speak out loudly, as I just want to share some of my special thoughts and ideas which I want to start doing it with the help of friends of course!

So here we start.....

Speaking about Egypt, we all know that it is a breathtaking place to volunteer.
It is home to some of the greatest testaments of human will.
Today, Egypt is a combination of modernity and tradition.

Nowadays the growing gap between the rich and poor is bigger. Those who volunteer in Egypt help to fill that gap by providing invaluable services in almost every field. Whether your interest lies in Orphans, education, the environment, human rights or even animals rights! (Which is rarely these days)

From about 10 years when I was just 20 I started to go with friends and visit orphan shelters weekly, we just collect some money, buy some sweets or even clothes (new or used) and go for 1 or 2 hours visit, to play and pamper all the kids.

Even we used to go to feed poor people and you can't imagine how much they really are in need with any kind of help, but now as we are always busy working or family, friends gathering we don’t go!

So I was thinking that most of us may want to make any kind of good deeds and participate, volunteer by any way, we can start by visiting Orphans, Feed Poor people, Help Animals!
Meanwhile, I just hope that we all share some good thoughts and post some idea's here in order to make it easy for us to start asap!

Volunteering in Egypt provides individuals with the opportunity to become involved in the growth of this historic country.

Waiting for your nice and kind comments.

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