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Getting connected (Calcutta)

Thought some of you might be interested in home wireless connectivity at a decent speed... in this age of Wi-Fi enabled devices. Setting up a new home is always a challenge, and having moved homes/ cities/ countries/ continents 7 times in the past 10 yrs, we are well aware of the challenges..... and usually try and quickly setup some elements of familiarity in our new home. I was very interested in setting up a home wireless network in Kolkata very soon after moving in - and connect our wireless devices, to help maintain some of our connections & lifestyle through the transition. It seemed impossible at first given no landline connection/ broadband service at the new highrise complex we have moved into. But I am very happy to have finally managed to setup the network and connect the devices, and they seem to be working well. Brings me to the dichotomy in Kolkata and most of India - no landline, but 4G connectivity works! no potable water and working toliets for most people but a cell phone in every hand! Its going to be an interesting ride..... looking forward

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