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General Information when moving to Canada (Calgary)


We are considering a move from Almere (NL) to Calgary for approx. 3 years. I have a job offer already and we are trying to find out some basic things (but are not very succesful yet):
- How is healt care arranged: how is the coverage and how is it paid for (similar to NL?)
- How high are taxes in Canada/Calgary
- Are there international/Dutch schools in Calgary? We couldn't find anything on the internet. Do Dutch children typically go to local schools (which would be perfectly okay) or is there an international school with Dutch curriculum?
- What are the annual cost for education (elementary school, our son is almost 5 years old)
- What are average cost for insurances around the house, car insurance?
- Additional to income tax, are there any other local or federal taxes which one has to pay?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Andy De Abreu

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