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Andrey Vasilyev

Living in Canada, from Russia

"When moving to a huge city such as Vancouver, InterNations made it easy for me to find fellow expats and the network that I needed."

Amarilis Castillo

Living in Canada, from Spain

"InterNations make networking in such a large city so much easier with their events and extensive information."

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Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Canada!

Welcome to the second-largest country in the world, and welcome to InterNations' community for expats and global minds in Canada. Congratulations on taking the plunge, challenging your fears and believing in yourself enough to move abroad to Canada. You’ve made an excellent choice! You’re in grand company; InterNations has members from around the world who’ve made similar choices.

We offer guides for settling into your life in Canada in general as well as more in-depth ones for Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary — which all contain helpful information and advice. You may not yet have decided whether you want to live in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, or somewhere rural, because you still need more information. Once again, you’ve made the right choice by coming to InterNations as it’s our mission to make life easier for expats wherever they’ve settled in the world. Your fellow expats in Canada’s communities have the local knowledge and advice you need and you can connect and network with them right here on InterNations.

Perhaps you need to know more about healthcare, or how long it will take to become a Canadian citizen, or you’re worried about getting a job in a particular area of Canada? Don’t worry; the door to help, support and advice from your community on InterNations is open 24 hours a day, not just to enable you to reach out to other expats, but also to help you understand more about Canada, your new country.

Next to Canada we host several more communities in North & South America, e.g., our network of Spain Expat. Or you might be interested in our Expatriates Bahrain community which is also fairly active.

Our Support for Canada Expatriates

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Canada Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Canada, their partners and families.

Canada Guide for Expats

Canada Expat Guide

Expat Forum Canada

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Canada expat forums.

Canada Expat Forum

Canada Events for Expatriates

Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

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Embark on Your Expat Life in Canada

Canada’s stunning landscapes, mountains, and coastlines, abundance of natural resources of crude oil and gas reserves, as well as its vast forests, prairies, lakes, and sea life, continue to draw people from across the world to this beautiful country. Its resilient economic growth and skills shortages continue to provide a need for expats in Canada, as well as the necessary unskilled temporary workers for some of its industries.

Unemployment numbers in places like the US and some countries in Europe are currently rising, while vacancies can still be found in Canada. Historically, Canada’s cities have grown originally from the hard work of European immigrants and today offer global expats even more opportunities. Expats are also attracted by Canada's affordable healthcare, free public school education, and jobs in the healthcare sector, as well as jobs in the financial, real estate, and communications sectors.

Taxes may seem high in parts of Canada, but the standard of life there makes living there exceptionally rewarding. Taxes in some cities, like Calgary, are lower for some businesses, but expats who choose to stay in places like Calgary, in Alberta, or in a prairie province, will have to cope with the cold and snowy climates there, where temperatures in winter can drop to -40°C.

British Columbia on the coast is far milder, as is Ontario. The resilient Canadians have built accordingly, to meet their challenges, and those expats who do choose Calgary will discover they can still shop comfortably when conditions are ice cold outside, by using Calgary’s Skyway network of heated pedestrian walkways that are built 15 feet off the ground and that link every building in the downtown area to every other.

Interested to take a world tour? Then have a look at our chapter for Expat Malaysia to receive an impression of InterNations worldwide. Or you could take a peek at our community for China Expat instead!

Connect with Other Expats in Canada and Grow Your Network

A patchwork of geographic cultural diversity that is co-existent has been created by Canada’s warm and welcoming people, with reflections of Asian, European, and US influences that are surprisingly familiar. This makes it easier for expats to feel at home. Wherever you choose to put down roots in Canada, you can meet your fellow InterNations expats through one of the InterNations Groups. Held across Canada, InterNations Groups are hosted by expats. While the members of the DinnerNations Group in Edmonton are dining, professional expats may be networking in Vancouver. Whether your passion is dining, dancing, concerts, or climbing, you’re sure to find a group of like-minded expats.

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