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Internations Business Networking Is More Effective (Calgary)

Hi Ladies & gents,

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve as Consul for the Calgary Professional Networking group! If you feel like some effective networking with other professionals in your field in Internations Calgary sounds like a good idea, please join us and expand your professional network.

How many of you feel that you are well connected professionally? Does anyone feel like they know a lot of people in Calgary and yet, not too many are in your own profession?

As Consul, I am committed to making networking easier, less time-consuming and, most importantly, more effective for each and everyone of us.

One way we can all have a more effective network is by letting each other know who we are and what we are looking for. Don't you wish you new more people in your professional field of work? I certainly do!

Please take a minute to introduce yourself to the other group members and let everyone know what you would like to get out of this group. I'll break the ice.

I am an analyst with more than 10 years experience in downstream oil & gas. I specialize in root-cause analysis and KPI month-end reporting. I could "title` myself as a procurement/production/sales/operations analyst. A supply chain analyst. Personally, I`d like to meet more people in my field of work.

Please let all of us know know who you are, what you do and the kind of professional connections you're looking to find.

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