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Medically Inadmissible - Landlord won't refund mon (Calgary)

Can someone please assist me !!!!!

We were planning a move to Calgary and when we reached the border we were denied entry due to being medically inadmissible.

Prior to us coming, we saw a home, and the landlord wanted 1/2 the rent for 2 months until we arrived to take the home off the market. We paid that plus all of the security deposit, as he said he was short on money. A total of $4500

We signed a tenetative agreement and the landlord indicated we would sign a contract once we took possession upon arrival.

We have since asked for our money to be refunded, as before we signed the agreement, everything was contingent upon us arriving.

Now, he refuses to return anything and said we were SOL......can we do anything to get our money back ? that's our savings !!!!! He also knew of my husbands medical condition prior to arrival, but said he didn't know it was so severe, and he told us we didn't have to pay the other half of the deposit until we arrived, but then called us stating he needed it now.

I can't beleive people get off with these scams !!!! Have we been had ? Please Help !!!!!

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