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That dreaded phone advice for all (Calgary)

Dear friends,

After recently experiencing the sudden loss of a dearly loved family member back home in Malaysia, I couldn't stop thinking about how we should prepare ourselves for such instances in future. As expats/immigrants/adventure seekers who chose to live thousands of miles away from home, we all have this fear that one day we will receive that dreaded phone call from back home. It may come in the wee hours of the morning when we least expect it. We pray that we will never receive such a call. However, there is that niggling thought at the back of our minds that that call will come one day. How do we prepare ourselves for it?

As I sat waiting for the flight back to Calgary, I realized that we can never be truly prepared for it (except maybe financially so we can jump on the next flight home!). For when that call comes, it will hit us hard and leave us speechless and disoriented. The only thing we can do is to seize every opportunity to try and spend as much time possible with our loved ones and cherish every moment of it - whether it's a phone call, skype, whats app, trips home or meeting up on vacations elsewhere. These are the moments that will stick in our memories forever. The more recent and the more fun moments the better. That is how we will always remember them and we will be glad that we made the effort. 

Just thought I'd share this piece of advice with all my fellow international friends...hope to see you all soon. Stay safe!


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