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Work Permit / Permanent Residency (Calgary)

Hello All,

I am looking for information about staying/working in Canada. I moved here first from Finland when I was 16, stayed for two years and absolutely loved it. Lived in the States for two years, went back home for a year and got an opportunity to come back to Canada to work.

I have a work permit for two years for a certain company, but I am looking to see if there are any ways to apply for a permanent residency earlier than having to live 3 years in Canada? I would like to do another job with the one I have right now but I can't since my permit is restricted to a one company. I am also wanting to go back to school as soon as possible, but again with this visa I am not allowed to study.

I am generally just trying to look for information. I have tried the immigration and all that but they are not allowed to tell you what I should apply for. I was just looking to see if someone here would have had the same struggle as me and was willing to help and share your experience !


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