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Racism//Ethnic Discrimination in Australia (Canberra)

t makes me very sad see this type of things in the country where I ve choose to live. It strees me out and make me doubt if this is the right place where I should settle my life. I used to feel like an outsider giving my opinion about this type of stuff, but I realize after almost 3 years of being here that this is my country as well, I live here, I pay my taxes and my bills, this place is made by the people who live here. Us as international students have the right to feel safe and secured in the time we are going to be here. Please do not feel like an outsider, if is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared, stress spreak out! We are all part of this wonderfull place and we have the right to have a good time. Australians are awesome people, they are funny friendly and so open minded, this doesnt change my opinion about them, but should open our eyes that ethnic discrimination happen here and we should help to make it visible to demand a change

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