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Cape Town 2010 - Accommodation shortage???

Impressive Protected content lights of the new Green Point Stadium. We went up to Signal Hill in order to see it, amongst us plenty of other people with cars, coaches, busses, scooters, bikes etc. You might imagine that led to a massive traffic jam, however, eventually some people made a plan, everyone was able to drive down after some time...

With regard to housing and accommodation. There are many talks of housing shortages, 'greedy' landlords increasing their prices for rental apartments simply to make a lot of money out of Protected content , along with plenty of new web pages coming out of no-where...

What is your opinion, will Cape Town be that short of accommodation? Do we 'locals' have to buy tents or roof racks for our cars in order to have a roof to sleep under? ;-)

I am looking forward to having a lively discussion.


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