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Unites States visa (Casablanca)

Hi everyone. I have a very close Moroccan friend who I've known for years, I know his family, we've travelled together many times on business or for pleasure, to Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand. He's visited me in France and spent a year here before I knew him as a student - and he's been working for nearly 4 years for PriceWaterhouse in Casa.
He spent weeks collecting the documents needed for a US visa (we have a road trip project), took the morning off work and went to the US embassy yesterday to request a visa. The elderly man at the counter asked him some questions, took his passport, disappeared for 5 minutes, then came back and refused to take his application.
My friend is obviously upset and bewildered at this summary treatment - as am I. Can anyone please help us so that he can at least deposit his request for a visa in the normal way and receive a dignified response fit for a human being?

Many thanks, in advance, for any help you can supply :)


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