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Jan-Peter van Tijk

Living in Morocco, from Netherlands

"What fascinates me about InterNations? I did not only make new friends but found new business partners, too."

Sharon McGinnis

Living in Morocco, from Great Britain

"The idea to connect global minds in Rabat is just great. This plattform should have existed when I first moved here four years ago."

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Welcome to Our Expat Community in Morocco!

As-salām 'alaykum and welcome to the InterNations Communities in Morocco! With members all over the world and from a truly global selection of countries, if you’re thinking of moving to Morocco (or any other country) and starting a new expat life, why not let InterNations help you on your way to a smooth landing? No matter what your question or need, chances are good that someone in our Moroccan InterNations Communities will have an answer to your important query.

So if you don’t know your tagine (national delicacy) from your Tangiers (Morocco’s third biggest city), want to know the best schools in Rabat, or simply need help navigating your way through the infamous local bureaucracy, then why not consider joining InterNations today? Not only do we have InterNations Communities in a number of Moroccan cities, InterNations has members the world over!

We are present not only in Morocco, but worldwide including numerous countries in Africa – for instance our chapter for Expatriate France. You might also consider to stop by at our Expats in China community during your next travel.

Our Support for Morocco Expatriates

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Morocco Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Morocco, their partners and families.

Morocco Guide for Expats

Morocco Expat Guide

Expat Forum Morocco

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Morocco expat forums.

Morocco Expat Forum

Morocco Events for Expatriates

Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

Morocco Expat Events

Embark on Your Expat Life in Morocco

Moroccans are generally an amiable and welcoming people, and the North African climate is perfect for expatriates who love hot weather, especially if you live in Marrakech or one of the more tourist-driven areas near the sparkling Mediterranean coast. Job opportunities for expats in Morocco are diverse, with the government investing heavily in subsidies for companies hiring international talent. The bustling, economic center of the country is around the famous city of Casablanca, where you’ll also find a large and busy expat community.

Outdoor activities are plenty in Morocco, where stunning vistas and beautiful coastlines abound. The interior of the country is typically sub-Saharan, with large stretches of desert, so quad biking and dune sailing are possible activities for the adventurous expat. No matter your hobbies, with InterNations’ vibrant and friendly community you are bound to find a like-minded group or individual that shares your interests.

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The Community for Like-Minded Expats in Morocco

With InterNations' wide array of social and activity groups, you’ll never be short of a like-minded friend during that sometimes difficult transition period to your new expat life in Morocco. From coffee evening groups and road trips to a range of sporting activities, there's something for every taste to keep you occupied and active during downtime hours, especially if you’re finding Moroccan life hard to adjust to at first. Whatever problems you may have, our members in Morocco are there to help; from understanding convoluted local laws, to finding the best beachside bars or most effective healthcare options, someone will be on hand to help you with useful tips and advice. So, whether you want concrete help with a particular question or hope to build up your social network in Morocco, the InterNations Community is only ever a click or an event away.

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