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Vision Rally 2013 by the Round Table of India (Chennai)

Round Table India is an organisation of non-political and non-sectarian welcoming young men, aged between 18 and 40. It aims to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. Round Table India provides a range of social and community service related opportunities through the Fellowship of its members.

What is Vision Car Rally ( Protected content )

The car rally for the Visually Impaired is a rally which is based on the concepts of a professional Time-Speed-Distance rally. However the rally has been modified slightly where the sighted driver is 'shown' the way by a visually impaired navigator.


To provide the participant with a feeling of adventure and fun It also provides satisfaction of trying to understand the challenges faced by visually impaired person and their skills in reading Braille. It gives an opportunity to the visually impaired navigator to show his/her skill.

The rally is not a race. While the race is all about speed, rally is a much more complex sport. The skills required in a rally are:

Acute sense of direction
Ability of mental arithmetic
Good driving skills
Good reflexes
Fast Coordination of skills like listening, calculating, visualizing, driving etc.

Typical Route

The round table car rally typically runs for about Protected content . The route is very carefully picked up after about dozen of route surveys and includes a variety of tracks including - Highway, main road, side road, tarmac road etc.
“Other car rallies build a sense of enmity & competition. But by this car rally we have built New & Strong relations of ever lasting friendships”

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