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Black & White Photography Workshop in Cologne

Hi there, I'm Stefano and I am a photographer. After some talks at the Internations Event in Köln I've been asked to spread the word about the photography workshop I would like to organize in September. I'm not done with the organization, but anyone interested or with special request should write me.

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It will be 2 days on two subsequent week-ends. I will keep the cost low as this will be the first of a series. It will be in English and or German depending on the participants.

First schedule: 1Day 15 or 16 September Protected content 21 or 22 September.
ANYONE INTERESTED SHOULD WRITE TO TO RESERVE A PLACE Protected content maximum) : Protected content



- We'll meet in the morning in Cologne and I will give a crash-course about BW photography.
- We will work with Rollei 35, Minox 35 and Nikon SRL cameras. I've got cameras for everyone that you can keep for the whole week if you wish.
- The idea is to forget about iPhones, Digital compact cameras for a day and experience together what it meant in the 60s 70s and 80s to photograph. We will have to work hard in order to get a decent result.
- We'll set off in small groups or individually in Cologne an surroundings and capture images, having fun together until the evening. I'll make sure to organize the cameras and the BW rolls for everyone. Each of us will shoot one or two rolls (each 36 exposures) with the goal of having one good print for an enlargement.


- I am hoping to find a professional photo shop in cologne that will support me so that the participants can see and test themselves what it means to work in a dark-room and develop the film. I hope I'll manage this, but just in case I won't be able. As an alternative if this isn't possible we will have the BW pictures developed and then analyze and discuss the results. On the afternoon of the second day there will be another opportunity for a second run - in order to learn from the mistakes and try some new other things!

I thought this would be a nice activity, as our daily lives are being tuned at a faster and faster pace, to do some handcraft. I remember photography was a different experience 20 years ago when I shot analogue. It involved much more thinking, planning and making decisions, because films were expensive and you couldn't waste many. The workshop is in this spirit. Let's relive together analogie BW photography for two days before also this will be history.

IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA, write me and spread the word :)

Please also have a look at my website for you to have a feel who will be your coach. ( Protected content ).

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