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Moving to Cologne area from Munich

Hi all,

I have been offered an internship opportunity in Leverkusen and I will be required to relocate within the next couple of weeks. I have lived in Munich over the last year on another internship and have experienced the frustrations of finding a place to stay all too well!

I was offered the internship position a week ago, and I am due to start on the 20th October. Its gives me a little time to find something before my internship begins. As with this internship, I am quite restricted to how much I could afford for a room and would limit myself to maximum Protected content a month.

Could anyone give me some advice on the best places to look for a room? I am quite familiar with WG Gesuchte, but at the moment I have had little luck with getting replies from the offers. My lack of German (I know its criminal after spending a year in Munich!) means I probably miss out on a lot of opportunities for flat shares.

It would seem that the Cologne area would be the best place to stay at the moment, as there are little to no adverts for places in Leverkusen, and it seems to be the closest location for traveling (I'll be dependent on public transport). But of course I have limited knowledge of the area.

If anyone could offer me advice on cheaper accommodation, locations, websites, or general advice on living in the area it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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